Charles University Debate Club

Charles University Debate Club is a university club with tradition spanning several years. Its members meet on a weekly basis to conduct discussions in the so-called British Parliamentary style. In this debating format, four teams of two A&O grand final students do their best to persuade judges and the audience about their point of view on a given topic. The motions of our debates reflect important current issues in society and international relations from the legalization of euthanasia to the campaign against terrorism. Parliamentary debating cultivates skills of analytical thinking, precise expressing of thoughts, and rhetorical style. Our debating club is open to all students of Charles University as well as students of other higher education institutions in Prague.

We occasionally debate in English and therefore we would like to invite all English speaking students in Prague to come to our regular meetings which take place every Wednesday in room 38 at the Faculty of law of the Charles University.

That does not hold for during holidays and debates get occasionally canceled during exam periods or immediately before them, so you may want to contact us to make sure that we will in fact meet on a particular Wednesday under such circumstances.
If you want to get in touch through email, feel free to send us a message to
We also have a facebook page that we make heavy use of, however all communication there is in Czech and Slovak.